Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Secularism Takes Hit at British Airways

By Rick Pearcey

"Secularists tell us that God and religion are private matters that have no place in public life or polite society. This is not a convincing view, but it is a commonly held view, so much so that many otherwise bright people may affirm it without really having thought it through.

"It's not at all difficult to imagine the head-shaking going on at media outlets, university offices, public policy centers, and perhaps even some churches, upon hearing that a major airline, British Airways, is reconsidering its policy of banning employees, such as Nadia Eweida, from wearing a cross necklace or other such Christian symbol at work, in full view of staff and customers.

"But this concern, if not disdain, betrays a failure to understand that there are people like Nadia everywhere. There are billions of them. If you understand the concept of "worldview," you will not be caught off guard by this. And if you understand what Christianity is, you’ll be better prepared for what comes next."

The rest of Rick's latest column is here.