Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Square Circle Watch: Pro-Life Christians for Obama?

By Rick Pearcey

Talk show host Janet Folger of Faith2Action challenges Christians to line up their political priorities with information from the Creator.

On the question of human dignity and the sanctity of life, for example, Folger argues over at WorldNetDaily against the notion that one can be an evangelical and yet also vote, with consistency, for Barack Obama. CNSNews Editor in Chief Terry Jeffrey argues Obama is the "most pro-abortion candidate ever."

To quote Folger:

We need to prioritize when it comes to our policies and our politics. Take a bunch of "evangelical Christians" who, according to Sunday's Seattle Times, claim to be pro-life Christians and for Obama. No matter how slick the slogans or how "cool" the candidate, you can't be both.

Look, to be a Christian means you have to follow Christ. What did Christ say? "If you love me, you'll keep my commandments." And what were some of those commandments? God prioritized them for us, and "Thou shalt not kill" made the top 10. It wasn't "change" or "diversity" or "tolerance" or "government programs" that made the list; it was the protection of human life.

Folger concludes:

We need to prioritize our policies and our politics before the house burns down or we face our deathbeds. The house may not be burning down just yet, but in September 2001, there were some buildings that did. We may not be on our deathbed, but there are 4,000 American children today who are – because of the policies and the deadly philosophy of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. We can't be a pro-life Christian and support either one.

To those who are confused about the candidates and the culture, I have one word for you: prioritize.

Is there a consistent case rooted in Biblical information and principle that would allow pro-life Christians to vote this year for a pro-abortion candidate such as Obama or Clinton?

Are you a pro-life Christian planning on voting for Obama or Hillary? Why? How would you answer Folger?

Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report (articles).