Friday, July 11, 2008

Question McDonald's

By Rick Pearcey

Question McDonald's.

That's what free-thinking Americans might want to do.

WND reports that McDonald's is now saying "Christian Boycotters 'Hate' Homosexuals."

First, McDonald's attacks family. Now, it attacks Christians. Big Mac is selling Big Bigotry in allowing itself to be coopted by an anti-family, anti-Christian agenda.

And if you question the wisdom of this corporate empire's new scheme, why, you're a hater. In fact, how dare you question the establishment, the worldwide Pink System!

This is yet another reason a free-thinking people may decide to spend their petro-dollars driving to a friendlier restaurant.

Perhaps a restaurant not at war with family or with the founding worldview of U.S. society.

Perhaps a restaurant where it's safe to question, to think, and demand reasonable answers -- without being slammed by a corporate giant as some kind of "hater." Please.

Another reason not to waste an ounce of gas driving to McDonald's.

Pro-homosexual fanatics may think everything is going according to plan, but something tells me McDonald's might regret its new line of attack. McDonald's may regret adding attacks on Christianity to its attack on family.

What's especially amazing is that McDonald's likes to hype itself as "socially responsible." Well, a thousand plaques on the wall are meaningless if you deny family, deny freedom of thought, deny the Creator's norms for life, and seek to cloak your denial in so-called "diversity."

If it's still OK at question authority, test everything, and think freely (as is our birthright as human beings created in the image of God) consider: Are these attacks really "socially responsible" -- or are they just good old secular fanaticism draped in focus-group-tested marketing language?

Is McDonald's really being "socially responsible"? Or are we witnessing pink fanaticism fueled by pink Kool-aid?

Something to think about.

But not at McDonald's.

It's hard to think when a "socially responsible" someone is yelling at you for not drinking their Kool-aid.

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Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report (articles).