Saturday, February 17, 2007

Forum: What About Sen. John McCain Speaking at Discovery Event?

By Rick Pearcey

On February 13, The Pearcey Report published the alarming news (to some) that GOP presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain is scheduled to speak February 23 at an event co-hosted by the Discovery Institute. (See The Pearcey Report main page headline "Darwinists Upset McCain Speaking at Discovery Event.")

William F. Buckley now comments on this news in a column titled "So Help Us Darwin": "The news is that McCain has agreed to speak at a luncheon hosted by the Discovery Institute in Seattle. What offends my friend is that the think tank in question supports the concept of Intelligent Design. And the question raised -- believe it or not -- is whether such a latitudinarian thinker should be thought qualified to be president of the United States." Here's the entire column.

We have decided to set up a forum: What about Sen. John McCain's speaking at this event co-hosted by the Discovery Institute? Is McCain being foolish, political, genuine, all of the above, none? What are your thoughts on McCain, Buckley, ID, Darwin, the bloggers, and so on?

Here are more responses to McCain's scheduled appearance in Seattle:

* Kansas City Star: "There are lots of places McCain could have taken his show, but he picked the Discovery Institute. It doesn’t matter what his speech is about, this is his attempt to pander to the creationist fringe."

* The Nation: McCain's conservative-friendly "makeover continues on February 23, when he is scheduled to speak before the Discovery Institute, the right-wing think tank that has attempted to introduce into public school biology classes the teaching of Intelligent Design."

From Think Progress, as quoted (unedited) in the original Pearcey Report coverage:

* McCain Doomed: "Flipper McCain’s affiliation with this group is sure to doom his campaign!"

* Flip-Flopping Madman: "That pasty-faced, flip-flopping madman McCain is not intelligent, but he has designs on the white house."

* Groan: "I thought we were done with all the 'Intelligent Design' hokum. The longest two weeks of my life was when our church started presenting it in Sunday School as an ‘alternative’ to evolution . . . and I had to spend my Sunday afternoons deprogramming my wife and her family. People should be able to sue proponents of Intelligent Design for permanent harm done to their ability to think critically."

What do you think of the news that Sen. John McCain is scheduled to speak at an event co-hosted by the Discovery Institute? Post your comments below.

Update: On Saturday, February 17, the Discovery Institute Responded to Darwinian Outburst Against McCain Speaking at Luncheon -- Pearcey Report Exclusive


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