Friday, February 22, 2008

Tony Snow to Radio Factor

By Rick Pearcey

Former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow will be joining the Radio Factor as Bill O'Reilly's permanent fill-in host.

First Program: Today, Friday, Feb. 22, 2008. There's more at the O'Reilly blog.

Blog Reax:
* LoRiseAntlers over at Huffington Post digs deep: "It's really too bad there's no such thing as Hell, because these two morons would definitely have a special place reserved for them."

* Limpidglass at DailyKos is thankful for little things: "Well, one day of the week without O'Reilly is a start."

* Bigdadgib is glad it's snowing again.

* A humane being showed up over at Chickenhawk Express: "Thrilled . . . great to see him doing so well after his cancer treatment."

Photo: paul morse

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