Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kick Mayor Off the Board for Anti-"Gay" Remarks?

By Rick Pearcey

"The mayor of Fort Lauderdale has been removed from the local tourism board because local officials feel his comments regarding homosexual activity in the area threaten the tourism industry and the billions of dollars it brings to Broward County," reports OneNewsNow today.

"Earlier this summer, Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle apologized to parents for not realizing the extent of homosexual sex in public restrooms. He also said a pro-homosexual library should not be housed in a city building because it included pornography."

Comment: One is mystified as to why Mayor Naugle was kicked off the tourism board. Perhaps he was simply (though admittedly awkwardly) pointing out ways in which homosexuals are just like everyone else, including parents with vacation dollars.

"Sameness" has been a major theme in reimagining America according to the pro-homosexual songbook, and it'd be a shame if the board balked at singing this time around.

First, am I wrong, or doesn't world know that both homosexuals and heterosexuals are always having sex in public restrooms -- airports, train stations, McDonald's, etc., all conveniently located close to your local theme park with special days for special people? This basic human right is what the Founding Fathers and Mothers fought for, along with the right to abortion.

Second, am I wrong, or doesn't the world know that both homosexuals and heterosexuals have no problem in allowing city buildings to house pornography? Just ask any mayor of any city. Any parent of any child.

Just like there's no problem with that long line curving around the block for access to the kiddie porn stash in your local mayor's and tourist board's offices.

It's free expression. It's creating a safe place for the recognition of basic human needs. Take a picture of that curvy line, and you could call it art.

The Broward County Tourism Development Council should relax. Vive la sameness.

The report at OneNewsNow is here.

Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report (archives).