Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nancy Pearcey Speaking in Tampa Area

PBU Professor of Worldview Studies Dr. Nancy Pearcey will speak next week at the Cambridge Study Center, Lakeland Christian School, and Berean Academy, all three located in the Tampa, Fla., area.

* Cambridge Study Center: She will speak under the auspices of the center in Lakeland, Fla., Thursday and Friday, September 20-21. For more information, see the website here or phone 863-686-4862. The Cambridge announcement is here.

* Lakeland Christian School: The venue of the Thursday evening September 20th event is provided by cohost LCS (website). For additional details, see the school announcement "Award-Winning Author and Speaker to Appear at LCS"; phone: 863-688-2771.

* Berean Academy: Nancy will speak at the academy in Tampa, Fla., Friday and Saturday, September 21-22 (website). For more information, see the academy announcement page here or call 813-932-0552.

An updated bio on Nancy is available here. Press announcements concerning Nancy's recent academic appointment are located at The Pearcey Report and this PBU "News and Events" page.

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