Monday, October 1, 2007

Generation Next: BBC Interviews Young Co-Authors of "Conspiracy of Calaspia"

By Rick Pearcey

There's a delightful "Generation Next" BBC radio interview with the two young co-authors of a new work of fantasy titled Conspiracy of Calaspia. This is Book One in a planned series of six called the Insanity Saga. The BBC program includes readings, an overview of the book, and background on the co-authors.

Speaking of which, they are Suresh and Jyoti Guptara, a set of twins from Zurich. Their collaboration is a 21st century phenomenon, with Suresh attending school in England (with designs on Oxford), and Jyoti a freelance journalist in Switzerland.

I read aloud a portion of the book last night to our son Michael -- and we both look forward to completing it. Michael's review: "It's good."

Readers of The Pearcey Report may recall "Koran Does Not Forbid Images of Muhammad -- What's Really Going On?," by the twins' father Prabhu (website).

To learn about a writing contest based on the book, go to the Conspiracy of Calaspia Literary Competition.

The twins' website is here. More about the book at Amazon, here.

Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report (archives).

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