Friday, April 4, 2008

No McDonald's Today

By Rick Pearcey

My son and I often stop by McDonald's for a bite to eat after homeschool bowling on Fridays.

But not today.

I first heard about McDonald's in 1963. I was a kid. Kennedy had been shot. I heard the news on the radio in a new white Ford station wagon while crossing a D.C. bridge.

We were returning from having been stationed in Germany. The Cuban missile crisis had come and gone. I saw the howitzers in Gelnhausen, lined up and ready to roll.

Sometime later, stateside, we were in Columbus, Ohio. Twenty-five cents, I think, for a McDonald's hamburger. What fun! A great welcome home!

But not now.

Not today, in light of reports that McDonald's has decided, apparently, to declare war on my family. And to declare war on the civilization of liberty, independence, creativity, and humanity under God that my Dad fought for in World War II.

Reports such as this -- "Pink Arches? McDonald's Buys Into Homosexual Agenda."

And reports such as this: "McDonald's Gives Support to Homosexual Agenda."

And this: "McDonald's Signs Onto 'Gay' Agenda."

For Christians, this is a matter of stewardship and "loving thy neighbor" -- Why spend good money on a morally and socially corruptive business?

For families, this is a matter of child protection -- Why support a business that helps fund organizations that disrespect the heart of family life?

For human beings, this is a matter of liberty under God -- Why help finance groups that turn their backs on the Declaration of Independence, the Founding vision, and the living Creator who holds it all together?

If you say you can do without all of that, then I say we can do without McDonald's.

Why, apparently, those McDonald's people can't tell the difference between right and wrong.

Between the wrongness of discriminating against someone on the basis of his or her beautiful and God-given skin color and the correctness of rejecting trumped-up victimhood and pretend discrimination based on membership in an ethically challenged but politically powerful interest group.

Information from the Creator, not to mention simple lessons in biology, says there's a difference between diversity and perversity, between being pulled over for driving while black and being guilty of sinning while human.

A hamburger's worth giving up and giving in to all that?


McDonald's is now on trial.

The fries are good. Even great. But the worldview they support isn't fit for human consumption.

Maybe we'll stop by Chick-Fil-A instead. It's a little out of the way, but I hear they like families.

Real families -- not ones made up by the ACLU last Tuesday.

And what's an extra mile or two to vote with your pocketbook? One way or another, you always pay for your convictions.

* Update: Chicago radio host Sandy Rios and I are scheduled to discuss "No McDonald's Today" at 4:35 p.m. Monday afternoon, April 7, 2008. More here. Central Time.

** Update: See also, "Faggot" Easy to Defend: Surprising Help From Secular America

*** Update: See also, Rosie O'Donnell's Oppressive Coat

Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report (articles).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your conviction and for speaking it. Businesses and companies will have to learn the hard way that they cannot trample traditional mores, morals and family and expect no consequences of diminished business.

What is next? A "Macgay" burger? I shudder to think how the rabid homosexual agenda will continue to influence week kneed MacDonald executives who fail to understand some basic fundamentals of the culture. As Ben Franklin once stated: "Experience keeps a dear school, but a fool will learn in no other."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info. It shocks the intellect to see such corporate behavior, but, then again, I'm not that surprised when postmodern minds (including the executive boards they occupy) act according to their nature. Corporations who misguidedly and even passionately support the gay agenda generally see such activity as being that of a "good citizen," which they then translate to being "good business." They refreshingly aid all mankind (pardon the sexism) in reaching the pluralistic shores of tolerance and equality.

However, in God's economy, such reasoning is futile.

See you at Chick-Fil-A.

David L. said...

One small step for common decency.
One giant step for civilization.

The Big Mac's price
is not worth perversion.

Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pearcey:

Thank God: you and your son will be healthier for it. McDonald's isn't exactly what's best for our bodies. (I am speaking as a former addict; my dad took me there every Saturday as a child. It was a hard habit to break!)

Parents, keep an eye on those Happy Meals: The homosexual agenda targets the youngest, most impressionable ones first...


Anonymous said...

I am with you.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. We decided to do the same. If McDonald's is going to support the homosexual agenda, they aren't going to do so with our money.

BF Admin said...

It always amazes me when corporations try to control and influence society like this. It didn't work out too well for Ford and it won't work out for McDonald's.

S. said...

What would Roy Kroc, founder, think?

Chris said...

dig deep enough, and i think you're going to be growing all your own food and avoiding all packaged goods.

such is life under capitalism, the profit motive by definition is amoral. my guess is that mcdonald's probably is looking more at numbers than making a dramatic social statement...

Anonymous said...

i love chick fil a

Patricia said...


It's not just Mcdonalds.
I was very concerned when I heard that Google was contributing large sums of money to the homosexual marriage agenda.

I applauded Google on their stance over China. I left Yahoo because of their lack of concern for Chinese freedom on the internet. I love Gmail and have a blog on Blogger. :-(

I remember a time quite a few years ago when I had to go without buying onions for a few weeks because the only ones in the shops near me were from South Africa or Chile.

I stopped buying McDonalds a few years ago when I learned they buy up the diseased animals left at the end of trading at the markets and put MSG in their food. (MSG is an excitotoxin which kills brain cells and is an addictive substance.) - Chick-Fil-A also use MSG. They have to otherwise the caged bird-flesh they use would be tasteless.