Monday, June 30, 2008

White Pastor Acknowledges "Racism"

By Rick Pearcey

A high-test coffee-drinking pastor friend of mine finally acknowledges he's a "racist" and maybe even a Nazi. Apparently it all hinges on whether you're willing to vote for a certain candidate for president.

Thus spake Pastor Curt:

I heard it yet again this morning from a Barack Obama supporter. He said (on the radio), “I am suspicious of anyone who won’t vote for Barack Obama. He is at best a racist and at worst a Nazi.” So there you have it. I’m a racist (or Nazi). I guess there is no consideration given for viewing candidates on their records and beliefs. Barack Obama is a left-wing liberal. I’m a conservative -- too conservative for the Republican Party. I wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama if he was green, white, yellow or a combination thereof. To call me a racist is pretty stupid. Give me a break -- I grew up in South Providence!
Once upon a time in America it was OK to think before you voted. Once upon a time there was a black guy named King who talked about evaluating people on the basis of character, not skin color. But on this new line of thinking perhaps Herr King was a closet Nazi.

Apparently, in some minds, those regressive days are over. All you need now is a color chart and progressive people to point you in the racially correct direction.

As for King, Curt, and me, we're all racists. Maybe even Nazis. Heil Skin Color!

Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report (articles).


S. said...

Ironically, the Annointed One and the so-called Progressives that support him subscribe to views surprisingly fascist, if not specifically Nazi:

the State is All Good, the State will bring peace, the State will control the Press, the State will control your guns, the State will control healthcare, the State will control radio, the State will control your child's education, the State will punish profit, the State will punish the rich, the State will impoverish everyone equally, the State will punish dissent, the State will punish not only acts, but motives--the State will read your mind and stop you from hating, the State will dictate your morals, the State will marginalize, ridicule, then persecute your religion. The State will become All Powerful. Finally, the State will Become Evil.

Curt said...

Ah, but alas, in the end the state will become extinct!