Monday, January 8, 2007

Townhall Columnist: "Most of the Racists in America Are Black"

Posted by Rick Pearcey

"Recently, I was being interviewed on radio by a black woman," writes author and Townhall columnist Burt Prelutsky. "We were discussing my new book and were getting along just fine until she decided to attack me for suggesting that most of the racists in America are black."

* Janet Jackson: "She refuted my conclusion, arguing that even the brouhaha a few years back over Janet Jackson’s bared breast proved that white America was a racist society."

* Britney and Madonna: "I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked her if she’d been unaware of the stink raised over Britney Spears smooching with Madonna. And that display took place on a music awards show that had nothing near the audience that the Super Bowl commanded." . . .

* Black-on-Black: "The fact is, most blacks who are raped, robbed and murdered, are the victims, not of white bigots or white cops, but of black thugs."

* White Society Out to Get Them: "But some people find it easier to play the race card, to pretend every time black celebrities are arrested, it’s because rotten white society is out to get them. Funny how that works, though."

* And Yet: "The same society that arrested O.J. Simpson had first given him a college education and then handed him millions of dollars to play football, make movies, and run through airports in TV commercials.

"The very same society that arrested Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant, first made them kazillionaires.

"It’s the same society that has made icons of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, Quincy Jones, Alice Walker, Beyonce Knowles, Toni Morrison, Barry Bonds, Shaquille O’Neal, Colin Powell, Will Smith, Condoleezza Rice and, most recently, Barack Obama."

* Oprah Who? "If this were a racist society, believe me, we would not know any of those names."

Burt Prelutsky's column, "It's Black and White," is here.

Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report.


Robert said...

WOW, now I'm reading this thinking, how much research did you do. History will tell you that, in the height of the "public" racism of the south, that black "celebrities" were treated with different privileges compared the ordinary "negro" citizen. Yes, there have always been negro celebrities, but remember this one thing; though celebrities make millions of dollars that is only a slight cut of mass amount of money being generated by them.

Society changed and yes you had to hand over millions to professionals in all kinds of entertainment fields. Just because "some" make a killing, doesn't mean that there isn't a larger problem with a section of society. Our "hero's" get allowed different privileges. This proves true in modern days sports personalities, all the way back to gladiators in the great coliseums.

Yes there is black on black crime, yes there is racism in the black communities, but I wouldn't make a 'racial generalization' to pronounce that most of the racist people of the United States are black.

m b redmond said...

"Yes, there is black on black crime" and "yes, there is racism in the black communities" is such an understatement it would rises to the point of parody.

My question is, "Is it not 'racism' every time a white person criticizes a black person to assume the white is being racist?" For if you accuse someone of an evil simply because of the color of their skin...would that not be racist?

Jeremy Pierce said...

This is a fairly impoverished view of what counts as racism. I have some pretty conservative views on race issues, but I can't imagine anyone thinking the sort of thing I see in this post. I recommend you take a look at my racism double trilogy for a conservative perspective on why racism is alive and well in both black and white America but why most of the racism in both cases is hidden to the people who have it.