Friday, January 12, 2007

WND/Rick Warren Forum: Should WND Criticize Pastor Rick Warren?

By Rick Pearcey

WorldNetDaily has recently published several articles (see below) highly critical of Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church. Some within evangelical circles might challenge the appropriateness of such criticism.

The Pearcey Report and Pro-Existence would like to open a WND/Rick Warren Forum on the following questions:

Should WND publish articles critical of Rick Warren? More generally, what role do the news media, including Christian-based media, have in holding well-known or lesser-known Christian figures accountable for what they say and do? Why? Why not?

Rick Warren responds to the criticism here. For additional background information on this question, you may want to read one or more of the following WND articles:

* Rick Warren: Is He or Isn't He?
* Rick Warren Says He's Sorry
* The Purpose-Driven Lie
* Calling Rick Warren!
* Rick Warren on Syria: "A Moderate Country"
* Megapastor Rick Warren's Damascus Road Experience
* Megapastor Rick Warren Blasts Iraq War, Praises Syria
* Rick Warren Shows Syria Video in Church
* Megapastor Warren Denies Praising Syria

What are your thoughts and comments on issues raised by WND's reporting and commentary on Rick Warren, occasioned by Warren's recent trip to Syria?

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Rick Pearcey is editor and publisher of The Pearcey Report.


m b redmond said...

I have been posting links on my blog as well regarding Warren's missteps. And in a word, Yes. WND has all the right and obligation to discuss these issues. Perhaps Warren's lack of criticism from the MSM has caused him to expect a degree of exemption from criticism. But it is hard to ignore the accusation that he has done violence to the truth not only by skirting but by simply not engaging publicly those who have called him on it. His actions have given the impression that truth is of no consequence.

Ed Darrell said...

WorldNet Daily has the same right that Pravda has, and approximately the same degree of truthfulness. It's a free nation, they can publish what they want. I hope their libel insurance is paid up.

m b redmond said...

libel? That is preposterous! Warren says, "There is no video" to Farah. Then he tells his congregation there are a dozen hours of video. The need for libel insurance would demand Warren zealously going after the Truth. Not likely?

My concerns are not merely political. As a pastor who constantly sees the influence he wields in evangelicalism I am concerned with a man whoi cannot own up to a mistake and then passes off those who question his behavior as "Satanic.

The fact is there can be found numerous websites and blogs out there who are taking Warren to task such as Hot Air. I can promise you libel insurance will not be necessary in this case.

candyinsierras said...

I think Warren is a very dangerous man, and needs to be held to a higher accountability due to his position and influence.

m b redmond said...

Also, Warren is a public figure and therefore could not win a libel case.

Steve said...

WND has become the Weekly World News, but Warren has made himself a public figure, associating himself and his pastorate with international politics, so for journalists (however loosely so-described) to criticize his words or deeds, is within their rights.

Brian & Carole said...

Nobody is above criticism. Especially, a "Pastor" as Warren is referred to. He has strayed from biblical principles and gone after worldly endeavors. This is what happens when you base your "ministry" on anything other than the word of God! Maybe if Jesus only had "The Purpose Driven Life" available for the Rich Young Ruler things may have turned out differently?